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Dispatch from O-Town

May 8, 2009

In a final gasp of our gracious official/unofficial maternity leave, we find ourselves on a last-minute trip south to enjoy The Magic Kingdom on Ella’s birthday and to chill at the beach for few days. It was a tough choice, but one that came quickly: when given the option of not sleeping all night and chasing two kids around all day, I’d much rather do it in the sun of Florida than the dreary rain of DC. Especially when plane tickets and fancy resort hotels are going for 60 bucks each. So here we are.

What I didn’t expect was the pleasure found in accepting and embracing our current lot in life. Trying to manage a young family can feel lonely, especially when it seems that those with no family or with older family are all around, reveling in their relative stability and efficiency. But here, we join a veritable army of parents carrying far too many bags, repeating basic instructions in a hushed voice, wearing vomit on the front of their shirts, and moving very, very slowly through the world. In contrast to my normal life which finds me constantly pressing toward productivity, it feel good to just hit the brakes and to be led around by the whims of an (almost!) three-year-old. She’s a pretty good tour guide, too. Real life will return soon enough, I expect.

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  1. Danielle says:

    Love it and so true!! I told Seth I haven’t been clean in two years. I do, at any given moment, have vomit or mucous on the front of my shirt. Nice.

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