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Storied Subversion

May 28, 2009

Orthodox Heretic might not be Pete Rollins’ most challenging book, but it is surely his most powerful. Having shown his […] [continue…]

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Ode to Mahogany

May 26, 2009

For the past few days I’ve been enjoying a nice outdoor project at the home where I work/live as Caretaker. […] [continue…]

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midnight haiku

a clash of two willsanger masks control and loveplease take the bottle

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beach ritual

May 20, 2009

he greets the sunat its risingwith a bow and salutesits settingwith a drum in betweenthe old mansits and tans his […] [continue…]

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Life, Moving On

May 18, 2009

“Hospital for Sick Children” is not only the most obvious and completely genius name for an institution, ever, but also […] [continue…]

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My Kryptonite

May 15, 2009

By the end of our day in the Magic Kingdom, I was a shell of my former self: verklempt at […] [continue…]

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Sea People

There is nothing like laying on the sand, listening to the waves. During naptime on our last day at the […] [continue…]

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Dispatch from O-Town

May 8, 2009

In a final gasp of our gracious official/unofficial maternity leave, we find ourselves on a last-minute trip south to enjoy […] [continue…]

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