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Time, Time, Time

March 4, 2009

Fresh books sit on the shelf, mocking me. Important, interesting projects beckon me. Phone calls go unmade. Simple meetings seem monumental. Emails perch inside my head, then die from lack of attention. I bought U2′s new disk first thing yesterday morning (for only $4, thankyouverymuch Amazon), and have only halfheartedly listened to it once (while I was making breakfast). I’m really flightily busily doing lots of stuff, but apparently getting nothing done. What’s worse is all of the wondrous stuff that is actually taking place right in front of me, all while I’m too distracted by the stuff I’m not doing to pay it any attention. I wish I could settle into a state of mindfulness and embrace the temporary time of unproductivity that comes with welcoming a new person onto the planet. I wish I could settle in and get something done, even if it’s only the dishes. I wish I could blog about something besides life with an infant.

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5 Responses to “Time, Time, Time”

  1. Danielle says:

    You get a six-month grace period to blog about nothing but the wonderful mind-numbing process of escorting and orienting a new life into the world. We, your loyal readers, think it’s fascinating!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy each moment; tomorrow you will be walking her down the asile! xoxoxoxoxox Nana

  3. maria says:

    That's right. You have the rest of your life to blog about anything & everything, but only these few short months to blog abut this miracle. The books & music will be there when you want them; they'll be the same. We celebrate this amazing season of your life!!

  4. maria says:

    PS — We're finishing about half of our basement, & I'm wiring it. Thinking of you!

  5. kate says:

    Amen and amen to these comments! Mike, we want to share this precious stage with you. Please, don’t deprive us! :)

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