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Eidetic Pete

February 23, 2009

I’m usually a little reluctant to walk into a baptist church of my own free will (unless it is a Free Will Baptist church!) (…and that was a hilarious seminary joke if I ever heard one), but I’ll be doing just that to hear Pete Rollins run his smack.

Pete is a great writer, and a nice guy and one of the world’s foremost combinations of postomodern theo/philosophic theoretician and practitioner (seriously, if he was two people, each of them would be quite impressive). He’s Irish, he talks really fast, he’s hilarious, and he’s cute as a button (or so I’ve heard). He’ll say things that seem counter-intuitive, but which you will agree with almost immediately, and he’ll show you God’s sense of justice by disrupting your sense of propriety.

But even more than all of this, Pete is freakishly smart. I was sitting next to him at an event in Memphis, and he saw me hammering away on my laptop as I tried to get onto a wireless network. He leaned over, and pointed out a tiny problem with my password. “That ’1′ should be an ‘i’,” he said apologetically, and I think that this ‘l’ should be capitalized.”

I blinked as I looked at the password, an alpha-numeric monster of at least a dozen characters. “Seriously?,” I said, “how did you remember that?” He shrugged, and I made the changes and got right onto the network.

He’s scary, y’all. Behold the wonder at Memorial Baptist Church, this Thursday at 7:30. (This just in: my friend and event luminary Tom Lynch just announced child care for the evening.)

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2 Responses to “Eidetic Pete”

  1. laci says:

    he told me the other day (and i quote), “i’m pretty good with numbers.”

    this to the girl who has to write down her hotel room number or she will be forever wandering the halls of the holiday inn…

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