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A Moment in a Day in the Life

February 23, 2009

There I was, with my freshly born daughter carefully swaddled in a blanket not too stretchy and not too stiff. Awash in the awareness that executing this tiny straitjacket maneuver is not easy, yet it is a skill I’m gradually reclaiming. And though her eyelids were heavy, her eyes were staring back at me like placid pools. In that moment, I was reflecting on the difficult decision of whether to swing and sing her to sleep, or to relish this long look for many more minutes. I, the uber-competent father, leading his child in whatever direction his benevolence dictates.

And then she squinted the corner of her left eye, and with the sound of 27 Waffle House squeeze ketchup bottles losing traction on their contents, she filled her diaper and fell soundly to sleep.

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4 Responses to “A Moment in a Day in the Life”

  1. Matt M says:

    HA! I love when you get lost in a moment like that and the little one halts it with reality. They’re both moments, and I honestly can’t tell which one I love more.
    Hey, you must be doing a good job making her feel comforted and relaxed, right? : )

  2. Danielle says:

    Oh, the sweet sweet sound of breast-fed poo. I miss it. Honestly!

  3. kate says:

    And then I think: What am I supposed to do now? Let her sleep in poo? Should I change her, which would surely wake her, but would save her bottom from chafing and ultimately make her more comfortable?
    *sigh* it’s all about the timing.

  4. Kate, that’s exactly the bind, as I see it. I get her chilled enough to relax, so she poops. Which means I need to change her, which will get her all ramped up again. I don’t mind changing the diaper, but another cycle of angry crying can put me over the edge.

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