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Anticipation, and Teamwork

January 6, 2009

With my lovely mother-in-law in town, we’ve been working hard at getting our small place even more organized, making final purchases, getting all the details in order, and just generally nesting as we prepare to add another person to the family (sometime before or after January 28).  While Nana spoils and entertains The Girlie, The Wife and I have been to our storage unit to sort through countless bins of baby clothes and equipment, and to bright retail emporiums to buy more stuff, and to imagine and acquire new and creative methods to wedge it all into our 437.5 square feet.  I, fulfilling the role of the modern hunter-gatherer:  he who roams the fruited plain in his station wagon, seeking what he may devour, consume, and collect.  

If the above description sounds like a long, slow, two-day torture, then you know what I thought about it as it approached.  Yet it has been unexpectedly fun and fulfilling to have some time with my bride to talk and share a couple of meals (fancy stuff, too:  KFC, chili, and one notable indulgence at Starbucks) and to collaborate on our long list of projects.  Which has been a great reminder of what a good team we are.  
With a child ever-present, The Wife and I have mostly adopted the strategy of divide-and-conquer, trading off caring for the kid with Getting Things Done.  And sometimes, combining them as we struggle mightily to complete a project with her on the scene.  But rarely slowing down and breathing the same air and joining our minds together and reminding ourselves of why we starting this thing in the first place.  So these two days have been a gift, to be sure.  But even more, they are a foreshadowing of hope for the adventure that lies just ahead.  

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3 Responses to “Anticipation, and Teamwork”

  1. kate says:

    Most awesome!
    Please come and collect something useful from our house. I don’t even care what. Ugh. Too much baby stuff!!

  2. maria says:

    What a wondeful post. I celebrate your blessings — all of them — with you, and pray for God’s continued presence in your lives.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That pregnancy went fast. Looking forward to hearing the news of the latest Stavlund addition. Also, sharing the news of the latest Saffian/Winberg addition. Devon and Aaron are new parents of Addison Joan born October 30, 2008. I love being a gramma and have come to realize that that is the real reason we have children – just to have grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you await this blessed event.
    Love, Dawn and Tom Saffian et al

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