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January 13, 2009

a new groom’s hand
looks heavy somehow
a loose, blinding band
standing off the skin
pulled to earth
by a new gravity

years later,
the ring is dull,
the finger grown around it
like a worm that’s worn a belt
the fleshy shoulder
permanent insurance against loss

the hand has squeezed through tight spaces
spent time in the expansive desert
scuffed roughness
gathered up wrinkles
collected scars
holding on for dear life

so even the new ring
looks instantly old
weathered somehow,
fresh decoration
on a hand that seems to know something
that holds things
even as it has let so much
slip through its grasp

this social contract
is constant
a constraint
an inconvenient contrivance
yet also
offering a firm grip on reality
as it anchors us to earth

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