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spinning cycle

December 18, 2008

the neon in the window says ‘laundromat’

but we all know what this place is
an infirmary for our indiscretions
a graveyard for our shames

the end of the line
for messes and mistakes
sheets and floor mats, spills and seepages
a public place to purge our secrets

secreted through the door in bags and trash cans
big slopping vats of pre-soaked pieces
some heads hung in shame,
others propped up in bravado

the human race, rubbing elbows

ordinary time mixing with memories best forgotten

new brides, and old widowers
nights of pleasure, and the messy fruit thereof

if we had more money, more space,
more manageable messes
we’d be behind closed doors
warm and protected

instead of in this fishbowl
where the scents of digestion
mix with the sharp hope of bleach
where bright lights betray permanent stains

so we come and go

choking on the way in
breathing free on the way out
cycling through our slow redemption

we who have been told
we can have it all
that everything will be alright
know better

yet we also know
the regeneration that comes
when we can move forward
imperceptibly, like a glacier

when we can at least
start afresh
with a fresh Tide
washing over our lives

not perfect, by any means
still with stains and scars
frayed edges and holes
but heading back to life

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2 Responses to “spinning cycle”

  1. Moff says:

    I LOVE THIS!! This is now my favorite Stav poem.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so grossly accurate; it really should be published!! xoxoxoxoxox

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