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On Buying Your Friends

December 11, 2008

Lots of kids I know are very nurturing. They name their stuffed animals ‘Lamby’ or ‘Snookums’ or ‘Rudolph’ or whatever. They have relational networks of (stuffed) friends and lifestyle accoutrements, and it’s really heartwarming and sweet. But our Girlie might be headed toward a career in science, for she uses what would best be described as a taxonomy to identify her prized possessions. Behold, a few of her favorite bedtime things:

Pink Teddy
Green Teddy
Ella’s Special Teddy
Ella Blanket (yes, she’s a narcissist, but it does have her name on it)
Lake Blanket
Special Blanket
Favorite Paci (a pacifier. Or, as our Aussie friends call them, a ‘dum-dum’)
Piwow (ie, ‘pillow’)

The only thing that has a name is her small stuffed dog, which is named ‘Little Marcus’, after the very large and very real pit bull who gifted it to her.

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