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November 16, 2008

here in the dark
the new me joins the old me
for a shameless walk around
to see the lines and remember the rush
she’s in good shape; a real time machine
I’d love to have one more drive

the boss at the car lot drove one
thereby lending infrequent opportunities
of legitimated indulgence
the odd errand, trips to the car wash
(and taking the long way back)
the mission across town
that somehow took two lot attendants
and seventy minutes
(and a half tank of gas)
my lead foot floating for hours afterward
broad grin forcibly subdued

in my bones I can still feel it
electricity of opportunity
my heart in my throat
taking my chances with this one chance
walking toward it, key in hand
breathless, trying to breathe
slowing my gait
so I don’t appear too eager

with a glance, I am nineteen again
my eyes beholding the wonder
the Pontiac Trans Am GTA
inelegant and brutish
overly appointed on the interior
but a friggen’ missile
350 cubic inches turning thick tires
straining roar and rushing wind
fat steering wheel quavering with torque
the thrill of youth,
and the threat of disaster

the cold air brings me to myself:
a middle-aged family man
twenty years hence
heading home from the laundromat
car brimming with maternity clothes,
footy pajamas, and princess underpants
driving to a hushed house
but first,
making a sensible stop
to fill up the tank
so my tomorrow
will be less encumbered

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2 Responses to “Wheel/Turn”

  1. Moff says:

    I know I know, I comment EVERY TIME you write a pretty poem.
    but geez this gave me a chill. I should write one, too.

  2. kate says:

    He’s goooood, isn’t he!

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