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November 18, 2008

my little girl wants to lift up every leaf
and throw it up in the air
so that it will fall to the ground
she likes to see them flutter and land
again and again and again


she is tireless, and thorough
sometimes, she even picks up the same leaf
just to be sure that she got them all
it’s really hard to keep them straight, you know

I look at the handful of leaves around her
the piles of leaves beyond
trees covering the horizon
thousands, millions, tens of millions
of brightly colored leaves
with thousands of people
mirthlessly pushing them to the curb

I know I should follow her around
lend a hand
make this my reason de etre
take notes, and photos, write a book maybe
but I settle for cheering her on
and asking her to move on to the next thing
I only need to redirect her half a dozen times
before she offers a chipper, “Okay, daddy!”
and runs on ahead toward the car

I hope she doesn’t grow up as sensible as me

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One Response to “releaf”

  1. kate says:

    What a precious, sweet darling.
    Who has a most wonderful daddy (and mommy)!
    Ooooohhh, there’ll be a lot of leaves in the forest this weekend … heh heh …

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