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Hello, TVOTR; Goodbye DRM

November 6, 2008

I wish someone hadn’t likened TV on the Radio‘s latest album to Bowie and Prince, because I’m not particularly fond of Bowie and Prince. And yet there is something undeniably infectious about this mix of funk, rock, hip-hop, folk, and soul. Spare instrumentation, bright vocals, drum machines, and techno fills, plus horns and strings in all of the right places (and if it seems impossible for such an assemblage to be considered ‘spare’, well, behold the wonder). Bottom line: they sound like they are having fun.

Listen to Red Dress, and you’ll know that they’ve been reading their Bibles, and have a prophetic rant or two to deliver. And Dancing Choose is an indulgent display of mouthful after mouthful of beautiful words.

This album is also notable for my departure from DRM. Amazon’s interface is slick and their lightweight software delivers the files right into my iTunes. Oh, and it’s cheaper, too, and the mp3s are mine, mine, mine. Sorry, Apple– the idealist in me is buried in shame (because I know you’re getting strong-armed), but the pragmatist in me likes to email songs to people (so they’ll buy more music).

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