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Chasing Out The Elephant

November 6, 2008

everyone worries about their kids
I’m just starting to see this
starting to see how it fits in
to the way people talk to me
or don’t

I am the embodiment
of the worst thing happening
my son was born with bad plumbing
he stopped breathing one night
no one could say exactly why

so I wonder sometimes
if people think my bad luck
is contagious
that it will somehow rub off
contaminating their happy ending

to me, it is the opposite
lighting never strikes twice
so I think that if you stand close to me
you’ll be safe
protected by the law of large numbers

I’m getting used to the lonely space
where my Reality lies
people give it a wide berth
hoping that they won’t wake it up
that the monster will keep sleeping

perhaps people don’t know what to say
they worry that they’ll hurt me
make things worse
pick at the scab and leave a scar
remind me of something I’ve forgotten

or maybe I’ve already said too much
been too frank
too angry
too uncertain
too verbose, with my words trailing off…

so we dance around this detente
me, waiting for them to acknowledge
them, looking for some entre
maybe I should tattoo it on my forehead
so we can talk already

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2 Responses to “Chasing Out The Elephant”

  1. maria says:

    Great poem, Mike. Made me think about how I let other’s experiences affect me, and how that, in turn affects them.

    PS — Billy said the book arrived. I have a date with it for Wednesday, 9:15am. HW Jr shirt included.

  2. Heather S. says:

    Oh, the words of your poem express so precisely the awkwardness and lonely space I feel as others walk around and don’t interact with the “elephant in the room” of loss in my own life. Well worded/ well written. Thanks.

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