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A Close Encounter With His Hakeness

November 24, 2008

One of the most singular pleasures in life is when you have the chance to be a catalyst for the connection of remarkable people. What’s even better is when there is photo documentation of the meeting.

Daley Hake is a self-taught prodigy of both rock-and-roll guitar and rock-and-roll photography (he’s also been blessed by his mother with one of the coolest names, ever). He has that indescribable gift I’ve seen in other photographers I know (PeterB, say, and The Wife). It is that mysterious combination of artistic eye, psychic connection, intuition, and personal aura that puts life into pixels (technical expertise and top-drawer equipment help, but are not the thing itself). The result is a mystery, but it is unmistakable: the people being photographed look exactly like themselves, only more so. And better. It is a minor miracle every time I see it.

So when Daley hooked up with my sister-in-law (who’s no slouch herself) and her family, I knew the results would be exquisite. The shots are all wonderful, but my most favorite is above. To me, it captures the energy and vivacity of my niece and nephew, along with the reticence and deep love of their parents. Perfect.

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2 Responses to “A Close Encounter With His Hakeness”

  1. kate says:

    It’s a spectacular pic! Wow.

  2. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    good thing i’m not the jealous type who would hate daley more each time he comes up with yet another incredible picture…

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