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October 30, 2008

After three days of freedom from the constraints of TV, music, radio, internet, travel, and the news, I’m easing back into the whirlwind world of media and the uneven work of ‘catching up’ (the thought occurred to me that if something major happened on day 1 of our trip, we probably wouldn’t hear about it, since the news cycle is so short these days).

While spending time in a log cabin in central Virginia, we replaced all of these life elements with fishing in the snow, hiking, conversation, cooking out in the cold, and eating together. Also, looking at the fire, admiring the changing leaves, visiting the playground, playing with blocks, and reading books (okay, don’t tell Mimi or Jackie that the ubiquitous portable DVD player was fired up occasionally for the Girlie).

After such a retreat, I can’t say that I’m smarter, fitter, or healthier (something about bacon for breakfast and a 1/4 sheet of birthday cake for Nana’s birthday, plus squeezing steak and fresh trout into the same meal…). I’m not more spiritual or more enlightened. But I am more relaxed, and more aware of the seasons, and that is a very good thing.

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