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Read the Book; Don’t Wait for the Movie

October 14, 2008

When The Wife saw The Potty Movie at the library on DVD, we thought we had won the lottery. Not only was it timely propaganda for our little home, but it was the perfect compliment to the breathtaking book, which is one of The Girlie’s favorites.

And yet we could not contain our disappointment. The tight narrative and minimalist plot that one loves about the book is unnecessarily and unreasonably expanded as Hannah goes to the big screen. Extraneous characters, additional plot developments, and non-rhyming couplets abound as Hannah makes her long and winding way from diapers to potty. In the book, Hannah bids farewell to her excrement with “A wave and a cheer”; one wishes the same could be done with this torturous adventure in singing, dancing, and defecating. Clearly, this screenplay needed a good editor. And parents be warned!– it comes by its ‘Not Rated’ badge rightly… yes, that’s poop in the potty alright, something to which we find allusion in the book, but never something so gauche as an actual, literal depiction.

Bye-Bye Diapers? I don’t think so. We say, “Bye-Bye DVD!” Long live the written word!

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2 Responses to “Read the Book; Don’t Wait for the Movie”

  1. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    the critic has spoken!

    “read the book, avoid the movie”

    i expect Harpers will be republishing this piece.

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