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October 22, 2008

I’m on a long-awaited trip to try to Reclaim Paul in Kansas City. An adventurous day of solo travel, starting with a sliver of sleep and then padding past the Girlie’s bed to take a shower and get dressed. Then a long wait for a cab ride from a driver who was certainly friendly, but who apparently missed the memo about cabbies being assertive and savvy and hurried (he also needed my help in following his GPS directions). Then to wait around the airport for that great and mysterious inefficiency of modern travel: the two hour flight south to take a two hour flight west. But all is well, for the extended indulgence in introversion will provide a perfect ballast for the three days of manic extroversion to come.

I love these holy occasions to catch up with friends, to listen and to speak into the lives of others, to leverage the power of pure scholarship, and to re-dedicate myself to the work of the redemption and re-creation of the world– starting with myself.

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