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October 8, 2008

(written for Common Table, on the occasion of her 7th birthday;
art by Jon White)

stepping out of the shelter
of walls and roof
to the open space
where the wind blows
and the rain falls
where sun and shadows
have their way

this is my tribe
gathered from unexpected
and disparate corners
of a world plastered with piety
trading straight lines
for circuitous paths
that we’ve been walking
in circles
all along

here, we make peace
with our crooked lives
with the let down
and turned around
in us all

refugees of religion
purging ourselves
of the past
exorcising our alienation
embracing awkwardness
and sorrow
bearing burdens
as we shuffle over stones

moving toward something
that pulls the air from our lungs
the strength from our muscles
that assaults our platitudes
with honesty
strangers on a journey
from isolation
toward embrace

love and tragedy
pain and beauty
trading answers for questions
wrestling with the Unknowable
feeling that hitch in our hip
that we’ll have every day
but it’s better this way
to not know
and to be known
to leave the comforts
and to find that place
where we are alive

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2 Responses to “Labyrinth”

  1. Mike Croghan says:

    Thanks so much for this, Mike!

    And Mr. White, your artistic gift(s) honor us!

  2. the Unknowable is the only proper noun in the poem … made me smile.

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