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The Calm Before the Storm

September 5, 2008

Our two-night stay at the beach south of Ocean City, MD was shortened by a night when the park rangers drove through the campground to announce an immediate evacuation due to the imminent arrival of Tropical Storm Hanna. Actually, we knew that rough weather was on the way, and were in fact planning to leave around sunset before the high winds and heavy rains were expected to arrive, but we were hoping to stay as long as possible.

Why would we do such a thing? Well, besides our inherent love for the beach, the weather was perfectly lovely. With high skies and steady breezes and a special brightness in the air. Though all of us campers were talking nervously about the weather, the weather was by every account outstanding.

I was hoping for some nice ocean swells in advance of this big storm, but had to settle for some decent sets of slightly mushy waves (which are actually more my speed, kook that I am). So not only did I get the chance to catch a couple of nice waves this morning, but I got to see the dolphins doing the same. Though we often see them patrolling up and down this beach in purposeful pods, today they were a bit more laconic. For several hours, we watched them as they lolled and rolled in the whitewater, and surfed inside the waves, and jumped over the faces of oncoming waves clear to the backsides. When I was out on my surfboard, I could see them eyeballing me, and jumping in perfect Sea World arcs, back-flips, and corkscrews. Dude, porpoises know how to party.

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