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Precisely Passive

September 10, 2008

In the grand task of language acquisition, Ella is struggling with vocabulary and syntax, but she has apparently mastered the passive voice. Today, we were talking at dinner about the exciting day spent at her friend Sophie’s house. After hearing many interesting details and highlights, we asked if she had any ‘time-outs’ on her day away. She readily confirmed one such disciplinary action, offering this precise explanation:

“I got a timeout because Kieran was sad that the [toy] puppy wanted to play with me and not him.”

Upon maternal redirect, she did grant that the puppy’s disposition changed after her timeout was completed and she decided to share said puppy with Kieran.

I’m thinking she might have a future as a trial lawyer, or a politician, or perhaps as an ethicist. Girl’s got some chops. (And her father may have his hands full!)

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2 Responses to “Precisely Passive”

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh, definitely a lawyer!!

  2. troybronsink says:

    It is startling to observe the emergence of our little one’s huh?

    Yesterday Eve was with Granny and talked Granny into giving her a sip of her margarita. When Granny brought her home to us today Eve threw her grandmother under the bus by reporting the debacle to us. Then, attempting to justify her behavior, Granny said to Eve, in front of us, “you told me that your daddy lets you drink from his margarita.” Kelley and I said to Eve, “no we let you have the salt off our margarita.” To which Eve immediately responded, “Well granny didn’t have any salt on her Margareta so I asked for a sip of the drink instead…”

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