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Long Time Comin’

September 25, 2008

(with apologies to Bruce Springsteen)

near the end
of trips to the beach
as thoughts return toward home
I get all resolutiony

all of the angst
amass, and begin to rotate

things will be different
everything must change
this life of mine
is passing like sand between my toes

with vision clarified
by the pulsing light of the fire
I need to make
my life count

shift, move, change
push and pull, leverage and position

the surf
helps me to breathe
and reminds me of another trip
to this same beach

same stiff wind
same waves
same questions
same longing

I walked over the dune
stared at the ocean
and addressed its maker
why, what, how?

feeling utterly adrift
a failure
I begged the maker of wind

what should I do?
tell me, and I’ll do it
show me
the Next Big Thing

the wind blew
the waves crashed
the stars stared
the darkness did not blink

and life went on
without largeness or largess
one sandy step at a time

the same wind,
erasing my footprints
canceling my castles
creasing my skin

but now, years later
(like Jacob with his hip)
I can look over to the tent
illuminated by fire
where my family lies

a chirpy girl listens to stories
from her mother
who, beneath her shirt
has another one inside

it is nothing grand
utterly ordinary, in fact
iterated endlessly
around this campground

and yet I know
that somehow
in part or in whole
is is my Answer

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  1. Moff says:

    beau. ti. ful.

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