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September 23, 2008

Our fourth and final beach camping trip this season was shortened, first by illness (The Wife’s wicked cold), then by bad weather (storms and high tides threatening the dunes and campground), and finally by a completely booked campground (which we later heard was far from full). But we finally got away for two nights, and had a most relaxing time. Fortunately, I rode the wave of initiative that I brought from home, immediately falling on the surfboards to make some repairs, and then to strip and apply fresh wax. Which in turn inspired me to head out into the basically lousy waves and try for a few that first afternoon. I caught a couple, exhausted by the heavy current, then got pounded on my way back to the beach as the shorebreak caught me not looking.

But I was glad that I took the chance to get wet, as the wind that was blowing that afternoon increased the next day, blowing out the surf. By nightfall, it was a real windstorm that buffeted the tent all night, and left drifts of sand all through the campsite. So this trip was less shorts and sunburns, and more sweatshirts and sandblasting. All of which added up to a great trip, but one which reminded us that Summer is a thing of the past, and Fall is here.

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