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September 15, 2008

The baristas at Murky have a reputation for being difficult, but it is a kind of persnickety that I can appreciate. I just ordered a decaf ‘Classic Cappuccino’, and was offered the friendly and forthright rejoinder: “We can’t make any modifications to the Classic, but I can make you a ‘small’ cappuccino, which would be similar.”

I absentmindedly agreed as I handed over the money, and as my brain slowly decoded the words and I voiced the thought: “…because then it wouldn’t be a ‘Classic,’ right?”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Just educated myself on the world of Murky. Very serious business, this coffee. Would I be “allowed” to have a cappuccino made with skim milk? I doubt skim milk produces the proper froth . . . It certainly wouldn’t be a classic, and perhaps not a cappuccino at all. Still, I guess there is something in standing by your quality product. No soup for you!


    Thanks for sharing about baby girl. Brad and I are very excited for you.

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