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Hat’s Off

August 31, 2008

Tonight, my amazing mother-in-law is settling into an Alexandria, LA shelter with several other Red Cross volunteers and 1100 refugees from Hurricane Gustav. They’re getting ready to ride out the storm, come what may.

While the rest of us fret, and bloggers bloviate, and journalists paste on their most earnest face to intone into the camera, and politicians fly here and there wasting money to posture without irony or shame, I’m proud to know some folks who actually get up and do something to help their neighbors. Here’s to them.

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3 Responses to “Hat’s Off”

  1. Mike Croghan says:

    That’s awesome. Hats off to Stacy’s mom!

  2. Lahrtribe says:

    mike-what’s up?! This is Lara Lahr from family reunion. Chris and I are doing a cleansing for three weeks, all raw, trying to get off the caffeine. Meesh said you blogged about it when you did it. when was that, so i don’t have to go searching. Are you still off the caffeine??

  3. Hey, Lara, it’s nice to hear from you, and to catch up with Chris’s blog– what an incredible trip!

    We did our first cleanse in Aug/Sept. of 07, and I did blog about it a little then (though without much detail– it was mostly whining about coffee). Kicking caffeine was definitely the hardest part, but I’m still clean. We only drink (water process) decaf now. Feels good, too.

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