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Hat’s Off

August 31, 2008

Tonight, my amazing mother-in-law is settling into an Alexandria, LA shelter with several other Red Cross volunteers and 1100 refugees […] [continue…]

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August 29, 2008

My intermittent perusal of Wendell Berry recently resulted in this nugget: grumping about students of writing who don’t want to […] [continue…]

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The Sword, Part II

August 23, 2008

After a day with this vague feeling that the previous post seemed a lot better in my head than in […] [continue…]

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Gift Economy

August 18, 2008

I’m glad for my new friendship with Jason, but it’s not without is downsides. The dude is so thoughtful and […] [continue…]

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On Doing Nothing

My brother-in-law is a pure soul if I’ve ever met one. Which is not to say that he’s naive or […] [continue…]

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August 14, 2008

I love camping, and I love coming home. I love getting dirty, and I love getting clean. To me, the […] [continue…]

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Brick and Mortar

August 10, 2008

Every once in a great while, I actually walk through a real bookstore. Usually, it is one of the big-box […] [continue…]

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August 8, 2008

My Girlie has got herself a cold. She’s her own cheery self, yet with severe congestion and a runny nose […] [continue…]

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Public Enemy: Elmo

August 7, 2008

Yesterday, for the first time in my many long days with my Girlie, I gave into temptation and pointed the […] [continue…]

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Moleskine Leftover

August 6, 2008

The binding gave out this time, though the rest of my curved companion soldiered on to the end. I’m currently […] [continue…]

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Dwelling on Death

Death is that inevitable, universal, unavoidable experience that lies at the end of every venture, every life, every relationship. Saying […] [continue…]

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