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July 26, 2008

She reaches up
Arms extended overhead
Stretching on toe tips
Hands cupped to nestle
“Coffee, Daddy!”
One hundred eighty-five degrees
Of pain and peeling flesh

The fierce instinct
That crouches
At the base
Of my neck
Shoves out
One sound:


In the stillness that follows
The word echoes back
Off the trees
Flat-footed, hands clasped
Her pure innocence glows
Through porcelain skin
Upturned face
Plump cheeks
Lips parted
Jaw slack
Eyes unblinking
And slightly atremble

This fragile vessel in my care
Soft skin enclosing tender spirit
Vulnerable, impressionable
A tender shoot from fertile earth

With best intentions
And primitive protectiveness
I’ve saved her skin
And chastened her spirit
The power of my voice
And force of will
A boon and a bane
God help me

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3 Responses to “Fierce”

  1. Greta says:

    Heaven help! I had to skip most of the middle to get to the end to make sure she was ok. Don’t do that!! Glad she’s ok.

  2. MeesheMama says:


    I hope that always works.

    God help us all, especially when our children are more inclined to laugh and keep on task than freeze.

  3. JosephArork says:

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