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July 20, 2008

Yesterday’s run was a bit anticlimactic. I shed some cathartic tears before the start, then ran hard through the first half, pacing with two other runners up and down a lot of hills on a course that was a mix of roads and trails. Feeling strong, I gapped them during the third mile and pressed on, looking forward to pouring it on toward the finish. Unfortunately, I took a really wrong turn during the fourth mile, heading down a trail with the guy in front of me. Assuring myself at first that I’d gone the right way, then slowly realizing that I had left the course, then trying to find my way back to the finish, I added some distance and lost my keen motivation and then had less than a mile to really let it all out. So I finished a little chagrined and very, very sweaty.

Still, my abs and shoulders and quads are sore today, so I must have given it some effort. And it was comforting and comfortable to see our Social Worker and her family, and Will’s Cardiologist and her kin.

It was certainly an emotional whirlwind, and I’ve had trouble collecting my thoughts. So I’m indebted to my poet friend Erin, who managed to pull this out of me at church this morning:

Breathless, you gazed from a photo
As breathless, I ran by
Your little hand upraised
Mine descended involuntary
To give a tiny high-five
And I continued on
Even more breathless

I wish I had your will
To press on against the wind
Pushing against the barrier
Of breath and flesh
To live up to my own bravado
But I haven’t learned
Enough from you yet

So I’ll keep running
Toward you and away
To feel our limitations
And to celebrate our strength
The hope hidden in human flesh
The love bound up in love

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  1. flippin says:


    Done the same thing on that course. I would have been there with you, but we are on our annual OBX trip this week. I really do want to pay tribute to Corbin, you and Will and run that race. For what it’s worth, I ran along the Virginia Beach boardwalk, about five miles, Sunday morning. Soreness is a reminder of what was and what could be.

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