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Getting Connected

June 5, 2008

A big set of strong storms blew through the DC area yesterday, and we’re still without power at our place. Which means no wi-fi, and no coffee. Which means that The Girlie and I are in our pajamas at Murky, her taking sips of warmed 2% milk while working on her Elmo laptop, and me banging out a few emails and drinking decaf. We’ve got the whole upstairs to ourselves, so she’s been taking work breaks to enjoin her most aerobic version of ‘My A,B,C’s’ yet.

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6 Responses to “Getting Connected”

  1. kate says:

    Hee hee hee! Photo of her working on said laptop, please.

  2. Anonymous says:

    HA! I think from your expression alone I could have guessed…
    1. Ousted from home by power outage (you’re not rocking the mo-faux-hawk to it’s full potential)
    2. Decaf (just look at you, pitiful)
    3. It’s going to be a long day with The Girlie (she looks like she has plenty of energy!)

    That’s one good, patient dad! : )

    -Matt M

  3. Steve says:

    I could see you shaving your head. Maybe with a mustache too.

  4. MeesheMama says:

    No amish beard?

    And I thought you were glorying in the coffee-free lifestyle.

    Ella looks thrilled about the exciting change of routine.

  5. sparksfly says:

    Lovely, just lovely.

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