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A Nice Hot Cuppa Pete

June 3, 2008

This just in: Pete Rollins’ newest portal. He’s been giving teasers on his blog, but I’ve been resisting, preferring an immersive experience over (under?) simple sampling. And I’m so glad I did– it is blowing my feeble mind, and tweaking my presumptive faith.

Reading Pete Rollins is like being tossed by a big wave at the beach, and getting tumbled under the surface for a good while. Except that, while you’re getting worked over a bit, you realize that you’ve got plenty of air, and that it’s incredibly beautiful in this space that you’ve never been before (but which you’ve been warned is off-limits). Pete’s gift to the church is in unthinking and rethinking (ie., repenting) and in engaging a struggle with God (ie. being Israel), and I’m honored to be a beneficiary.

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