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Plane, Train, Automobile (and another train, and a bus, and another automobile)

May 1, 2008

With a few days away from The Wife’s work, and with some cheap plane tickets, and just a few days short of The Girlie’s second birthday (when she’ll need her own plane ticket), we took a few days away to visit family in Illinois.

Day One was a dream for The Girlie, since it involved three of her current obsessions: we took the Metro through the city, then rode a bus to the Baltimore airport, then a plane to Milwaukee. It was a little taxing for her parents, but she seemed to really enjoy herself.

And oh, the fun we’re having: Day Two included a walk to the park a few blocks away, and lunch with Uncle Chuck, and photos with Aunt Carol, and picking up sticks in the yard, and all kinds of fun and conversation with her beloved Gi-Gi (Gram is getting so many hugs that it’s making me jealous). Then matchless Quonset Pizza with Y-AuntFaye and Aunt Nannie. Life is good.

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