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Jesus is My Big TOE

May 29, 2008

My buddy iPete is always thinking, and I’m always the better for it. His latest provocation has got my wheels turning. And, while I know I could never go toe to TOE with the mighty P3T3RK3Y5, I humbly offer the following tidbit.

A few years back, I was privy to some notes from a little closed-door round table meeting with some theologians and church planting types. I didn’t rate enough to get an invite, but my buddy who was there snuck the official notes my way, and I devoured them. This was around 1999/2000, and the theologians tagged one of the big three theological issues for the next 10 years as ‘hell’ (pretty prescient…). BMac was there, and as they divided up work before their next meeting, he was assigned ‘hell’ (a book was one of the results of his research).

One of the other issues they identified was the issue of inclusivity/exclusivity– , the historic Christian conundrum of God’s manifest love and grace toward people of all religions vs. the apparently exclusive claims of Christ regarding salvation. On that topic, Dallas Willard made a statement that has stuck with me ever since, as it deftly flipped around the categories of inclusivity and exclusivity. It was something like, “Salvation comes by Christ alone, but I’m not going to tell Jesus how he can dispense that salvation.”

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