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Girl Got Her Hair Did

May 20, 2008

…and our hair hero Angelo brought her through with flying colors. (But not without some help: that look of contentment is a combination of a DVD on the laptop and The Girlie chain-smoking Gummy Bears.)

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4 Responses to “Girl Got Her Hair Did”

  1. Trish Groe says:

    Uhmmm…could we see an “after” picture?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s just nice to see all 3 of you in the picture together. It’s like the old saying, ” the family that gets their hair cut together……” O.K. maybe there’s no old saying, but nice pic anyway.
    Tom D.M.

  3. kate says:

    Waaaaahhh! I mourn the curls. :(

  4. thedeav says:

    I hear we have a fauxhawk on our hands . . . errr, head? I’m voting on a picture of that one!

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