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Ten Dollar Ride

April 23, 2008

So this quiet, cool guy has been hanging out at our church, which isn’t that unusual. What is interesting is that he plays an old guitar really, really well. The other thing that’s unique is that he’s in a band, and it’s called Middle Distance Runner. Now I’ve never seen Jay (he’s the guy on the right) at the track or at any 10Ks, but his band rocks, anyway.

He was kind enough to bring me their CD ‘Plane in Flames’ this week, but at only 10 bucks, I was pretty sure it would be lousy. Yet even though it is too cheap, I really liked all of it– even “Man of the People,” which I was warned was cheesy. It’s some solid rock, with catchy hooks and poppy riffs and some fun 80′s-era guitar effects. At times, it has a big, almost orchestral sound that filled up my ears and reminded me of Arcade Fire. Every song is tight, smooth, and catchy.

One of my favorite parts are the playful– even juvenile– lyrics: “she forgot something back at the car, but when we got back there she didn’t want it no more.” And then at turns, they are deadly serious: “Do you know that I never wanted to be with you, I never was quite as in love as you, that’s a lie. …I’ve got eyes, I saw what they did to you, I got wise.”

Middle Distance Runner: the cheapest band you’ll ever love.

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2 Responses to “Ten Dollar Ride”

  1. Ryan says:

    What a cool name for a band.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh no! I love “Man of the People”. I hope I wasn’t the one that gave it a cheesy review. I’m horrible at giving things a fitting description, so when I said “it sounds like it should be in a car commercial”, I meant in the sense that Cadillac has been paying for some Zeppelin tunes recently. You know – juiced up, hyper riffs that make macho men want to buy $30K phallic symbols they’ll never use. Maybe I should have said “truck commercial”. Maybe I’m digging a hole here.

    -Matt M

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