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Cherry Blossom: The Glory & The Gory Details

April 6, 2008

So my time wasn’t even as fast as my most modest goal, but I had a great time today at CB08. The highlights:

– Running a little late up to the starting line, some of my old tricks were comfortable and familiar. I kept it somewhere between a jog and a run, eating my energy bar as I went. I remembered how to squeeze through those fence/barriers, reset my watch, held my hat in my mouth, stripped off my sacrificial shirt, and started out. Just like old times.

– Cruising around Hains Point while I was feeling fresh.

– Feeling that old familiar sense of exhaustion. There’s nothing like knowing that your quads are giving their every fiber for the effort.

– Pushing up the hill at the end, and kicking toward the finish line.

– Seeing Tim, Saranell, Simeon, and the lovely Elliana. Tim may be earnest and hip, but Saranell is tough– she cruised through the longest run of her life with a smile on her face. She’s already talking about a half-marathon in the Fall.

– Somehow, bumping into the Great Amy afterward. With almost no training, she finished less than 20 minutes behind me. (Guess I should consider not training.)

– The joy of a simple shower, and the delight of leftover pasta with a fried egg on top.

– And best of all, searching for The Wife and Girlie at the halfway point as I ran through a noisy gauntlet of spectators. I thought I heard my daughter talking, then heard her mother say, “yes, I see those doggies,” as clear as a bell. I looked back over my shoulder, huffed out a single-syllable version of The Wife’s name, and our eyes locked, instantly. I have such a cellular connection to these two– it scares me sometimes.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Sounds like a great morning. I really should join you next year.

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