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March 31, 2008

I’ll admit that I needed to google it when I first got the invitation to ‘duckpin bowling’, and I’ll confess that it sounded a little strange. But boy, am I a believer!

Reasons that duck-pin bowling is the greatest sport ever, and will soon sweep the nation:
1. Scaled-down lanes means that a full facility can fit into a normal city retail space: six lanes upstairs, and six downstairs. No giant building, no huge parking lot. Duckpin bowling saves the planet.
2. The shoes are killer, and only cost two bucks to rent for the whole night.
3. The places are dives, and so allow you to bring in your own food and beverage. This has the potential to transform them from dives to gourmet food emporiums and microbrew purveyors (which is exactly what happened on Saturday).
4. The smaller balls are palmable, so you don’t need to find one that fits your fingers. And they are all the same weight. So you step up, pick up any ball, roll it, and repeat.
5. You get to do this (not two, but) three times per frame.
6. You can really huck that thing.
7. …even if you just kneel down and let ‘er rip, rather than add the many variables associated with the step-step-step-step approach, swing, slide, and unsteady release.

Oh, sure, it was fun celebrating Tim’s birthday and all, but I’m afraid the occasion was upstaged by the venue. I will never be the same. Thank you, beloved Baltimore, for the enlightenment.

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3 Responses to ““OVER THE LINE!!””

  1. Steve says:

    8. It’s legal to throw them overhand.

  2. maria says:

    “You are entering a world of pain, Smoky.”

  3. paul says:

    “Mark it zero!”

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