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Leftovers, Reprised

March 25, 2008

Once again, it’s time for a new Moleskine, and the old(e) one has a few random bits left in it. This bit is from a couple of weeks ago.


I had an errand to run tonight, on the eve of the arrival of The Cobalt Season and their whirlwind weekend of goodness. I needed to pick up a bass amp from the esteemed Teo, and he suggested I meet him at his evening rehearsal at a large local church.

Which was quite a place to behold: a giant parking lot, a large glass fascade, personalized mud mats, a coffee bar (complete with a tiny kids’ table) in the foyer, and Willow Creek books everywhere. I walked through the front door, and smelled something so clean and good that it evoked childhood feelings of excitement and security (it turned out to be the chlorinated baptismal/fountain in the corner). And I heard the sound of the band warming up in the sanctuary, as the guitar player laid down some Bad Company licks. There were at least 24 channels at the back, plus lights and video and Powerpoint. And some posh offices down the hall seemed to call my name.

This is the kind of place that usually makes me smirk, but tonight I just didn’t have it in me. Oh sure, I’m supposed to say it’s fake and commercial and consummeristic. But tonight, it’s just too nice. I’m supposed to say that the music is cheesy. But tonight, I’m just too tired. I’m supposed to say something snarky about the shallow theology and escapist lyrics. But tonight, ‘You are the light, and you live in me… God made a way for me… salvation for me…’ Me, me me. Yes, Yes Lord. I’m supposed to scoff at the preposterous ‘Connection Center’ in the lobby, but I suddenly feel like I know plenty of people already. I know I should cluck about the fossil fuels consumed just for this rehearsal. But tonight the lights look so pretty.

It all feels so good. Yes Lord. Amen.

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2 Responses to “Leftovers, Reprised”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s always interesting when our preferred methodology gets smacked upside the head, and we discover that we’re still O.K. What does that mean?

    Tom D.M.

  2. maria says:

    thanks for being so vulnerable and humble, and you know, we’ve all bene there. You’re just the brave one who said it out loud.

    (I love that smell too, memories of the local pool and swimming lessons at the YWCA.)

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