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The First Day of the Rest of My Life

February 27, 2008

Is there anything more glorious than the waning cycle of a bad cold? That first morning, when your head no longer roars so loudly, where a tiny bit of air moves through your nose, where you can think of something besides going back to sleep, and when your dear child seems dear, again? Every time this happens, I vow that I shall always be grateful for my health. And before long, I’m no longer grateful, until I get sick again.

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  1. timthewelsh says:

    I caught a cold about a month ago. It led to my first episode of ‘glue ear’ (had to Google it to find its name). Bottom line, I went totally deaf in one ear for a week. Then one morning, I blew my nose to the sound of a mighty ocean in the right side of my head. I was no longer deaf. ‘PRAISE GOD!’ said I. For a few minutes.

    Reckon we’ll learn before retirement, Mike?

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