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February 5, 2008

Strapped into the seat of the jogging stroller today, The Girlie was rocking back-and-forth, swinging left-to-right-to-left as she counted out: 1 – 10 was followed by a mock mopping of the brow and a dramatic ‘whew!’ (ala her mother’s dynamic reading of the great Going To Bed Book), and 1 – 15 was concluded with clapping and a celebratory, ‘yeeaaahhhh!’. She did this again and again as I tried to count along between gasps and puzzled as to why she was jerking back and forth. Until I realized that this is her exact perspective of me running as she looks back above her head to see me hunched over the stroller, lurching back and forth. Guess I need to work on my form.

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  1. pamela says:

    Love it! Is my niece brilliant, or what?! ;)

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