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Why I Love Mac (and AppleCares)

January 8, 2008

Oh sure, you have to use a computer that many people consider ‘a toy’. You have to get used to running your browser wide-open, with no worry of viruses. You have to take the leap into the sea of proprietary applications and purchases, where everything is prefaced with the little letter ‘i’. And you have to pay twice the price to start. But man, those friendly folks at the Genius bar are the best. In the last month, they’ve cheerfully repaid my extended warranty with:

One (1) replacement hard drive, free of charge (they didn’t ask why it crashed, and I didn’t volunteer anything).

Two (2) thoughtful favors. When I picked it up (the next day), they had installed the new OS (I paid for the software, but they saved me the trouble of shuffling all of those disks) and cleaned ‘er up, nice and shiny.

One (1) epic session of data recovery after my back-up drive was found to be an impossible tangle of weird files and redundant re-writes (my Genius that day kindly asked, “would you expect your iTunes to be 33 gig?” Uh, no…).

One (1) handy tip for recovering iTunes-purchased files from the iPod, saving almost all of my Bruce Springsteen library.

One (1) brand-new laptop battery, inside 10 minutes.

One (1) fresh iPod to replace the two-month old one that self-immolated in my hand the other day.

So I’m all black-Mac-ed up, and ready to go.

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2 Responses to “Why I Love Mac (and AppleCares)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I run Intego Internet Security and Privacy software
    for Mac. on both my I-Mac and Mac-Book.
    uncle Chuck

  2. Ryan says:

    Only 33 gigs for iTunes?

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