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Scary Scale

January 16, 2008

Well, this did it. I’ve been eyeballing those 99 cent, recycled, reusable bags at the grocery store for months now, thinking about how in a few years, no one will use ‘paper, or plastic’. But that stack of paper bags depicted turned my stomach, so this morning, I took the plunge, and bought two. The crazy thing is that my grocery store will refund me 5 cents every time I use one. Which means I could have been making money by now, instead of wasting trees and clean water. Yo, sorry for my stupidity, world. And thanks, Chris Jordan.

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2 Responses to “Scary Scale”

  1. jledmiston says:

    Hi Mike -
    I love those bags. The tricky part is remembering to put them in a place where you’ll grab them on the way to the store the next time.
    My favorites: the nice green Harris-Teeter bags or the funky Trader Joe’s. Happy shopping.

  2. Ariah says:

    Yeah, sounds like they are a good idea for you to save money with. At the same time, couldn’t you just reuse the paper and plastic you already have accumulated?

    And yes, don’t forget them next time you go.

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