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Running and Recovering: The Costs and Benefits of Global Warming

January 7, 2008

With the temperatures rising into the 60s today, it seemed necessary to confront the naysaying voices in my head and mount yet another return to running. Which I did, for about 31 minutes. Comedic relief was delivered in the form of a couple of additional naysaying voices.

The Wife joined me on the run, peppering me with questions as we started down the road:
“Hey, is that a running watch you’re wearing? I haven’t seen that for a year!”
“Those shoes still fit?”

And The Girlie would holler and pull at her restraints every time we’d take a short walking break.

The initial plan was for The Wife to walk and push The Girlie in the stroller, and for me to run (hey, was that another insult?). But she ended up running right along, and letting me push the stroller (“it’s kind of heavy,” she complained). After a few laps around the short wooded loop up the street, she took the stroller to walk and let me run ahead. I was looking forward to lapping her, but I couldn’t– after several minutes, I caught a glimpse through the trees of her running ahead of me.

You gotta love such faithful and pushy coaches. Oy.

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2 Responses to “Running and Recovering: The Costs and Benefits of Global Warming”

  1. Ryan says:

    Faithful and pushy coaches are the best. Buddy, you could have given me 40 minutes. That’s what I want on Thursday, 40 minutes with no walking ;)

  2. maria says:

    You both make me feel lazy. No, convicted. No, inspired. No… just lazy.

    And by the way, what a great surprise to open US News & World Report and find you both! It was also good to learn more about your community of faith. If I bring the magazine to Philly, will you autograph it? Then we’ll all have a Budweiser.

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