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Running and Recovering: Getting Down the Road

January 11, 2008

With the words of my crusty coach ringing in my ears, I wearily put on the shoes and strapped The Girlie into the stroller yesterday afternoon. We needed to dodge a few raindrops, and my still-tender quads felt like balloons filled with dead blood, but we plodded through 41 minutes. Feeling as stiff as I did, I thought it wise to include some walking after the run to cool down, at which point my ride-along coach began her vocal and kinesthetic protests of the slow pace. So many expectations…

(The effort was greatly aided by taking the time to add air to the tires on the stroller. Who knew that more air would so greatly reduce the friction, and increase the efficiency of the whole project? Physics is a marvelous thing, if a mystery to me.)

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  1. Ryan says:

    Tomorrow, I want you up bright and early (4:30 should be good). Let’s shoot for 50 minutes with about 10-12 30 second bursts.


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