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Rock and Roll Comes to Town

January 13, 2008

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I’m nervous, but looking forward to some hang-time with The Great Daley Hake, who’s in DC for the week. He’s here to visit the city and play a few geetar gigs, but most of all to shoot some photos. Apparently, he’s got space to book a few sessions, and with his cheap rates, I’m sure local folk will be contacting him like crazy.

His work speaks for itself, but what is even better is seeing his gift for portraiture from a personal perspective. To witness the photo of a friend is to experience momentary speechlessness, and to then exclaim, “That’s exactly what [insert friend's name] looks like!” My some miracle or magic, he always captures the essence of that person in pixels, and somehow far clearer than the naked eye.

Several years ago, I had regular conversations with two people getting their PhD.s in linguistics, and so learned to speak very carefully around them. I have a few therapist friends, around whom I am hyper-aware, looking for special meaning in their every movement and word. Now, with such a gifted photographer coming to town, I find myself getting a haircut, cleaning my ears, and saving all of my favorite clothes for accidental encounters with a world-class cat. It’s gonna be a long week of sucking in my gut.

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