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Living Off the Land

December 30, 2008

My brother and his family gifted me with something wonderful and truly local to their southern-Minnesota home. To many people, […] [continue…]

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Google vs. Serendipity

December 29, 2008

After some concerted– and unsuccessful– google searching, I finally found what I was looking for by accident. At The Great […] [continue…]

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Practice, Practice

December 21, 2008

CRW_2112Originally uploaded by commontableorg No, this isn’t the Baby Sister, but it is a new member of the family– Tristan […] [continue…]

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spinning cycle

December 18, 2008

the neon in the window says ‘laundromat’ but we all know what this place isan infirmary for our indiscretionsa graveyard […] [continue…]

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the knowing

December 15, 2008

in an airporton the afternoonof a marathon,I love to guesswho the runners aresometimes,it’s easya jacketor t-shirtis the tellor a limpor […] [continue…]

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On Buying Your Friends

Lots of kids I know are very nurturing. They name their stuffed animals ‘Lamby’ or ‘Snookums’ or ‘Rudolph’ or whatever. […] [continue…]

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O, (Happy) Birthday

December 1, 2008

My birthday started a little on the early side at 2:29am with the sound of The Girlie retching in her […] [continue…]

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