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Soy-ya Later

December 11, 2007

Sometimes, you just have to wonder what they’re teaching our kids in church…

After spending Sunday morning with The Mighty Tina, our carnivorous Girlie has developed a sudden fondness for meat alternatives. We grabbed some delicious entrees from our favorite neighborhood restaurant today, and she was scarfing down all manner of soy: cubed tofu, stewed soy protein, and grilled soy protein. Oh, and more and more and “mow-wa” brown rice.

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  1. Sally Proulx says:

    Hi Mike,

    I have wanted to contact you for a long time and I hope you don’t mind me using this space but I didn’t know any other way. Our son, Daniel, was Will’s neighbor in the CICU in May of ’06. While Daniel was in CNMC in August for his Fontan, we asked the nurses about Will. We were so deeply saddened to learn of his passing. I’m having trouble finding the words, but I just wanted you and Stacy to know that we remember Will…his beautiful eyes and his strength and courage. We pray for you every day.

    We were so happy to see the amazing pictures of Ella; she is a beautiful girl!

    Take Care,
    Sally, Nelson and Daniel Proulx

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