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Prayer is a Place

December 14, 2007

I picked this book up several weeks ago, and have been savoring it ever since. Part sociological study, part personal memoir, part bold treatise, part inspirational account, and part exploration of a kind of theology of religion (to quote the author from elsewhere), it is astounding, and so well-written that I found myself smiling with envy as I read and re-read her long and winding sentences. In it, Phyllis Tickle chronicles her experiences as the founding editor of the religion department of Publishers Weekly.

From the beginning of the book:

…religion has gone, for me, from what I must defend to what I am hourly compelled to amazement by…from what I once held as private to what I now engage as the most public of forces…from what I had been reluctant to analyze to something so magnificently huge and vital that it now demands my and every other thinking person’s analysis…

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