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Our Giant Girlie

December 7, 2007

Spending as much time with my daughter as I do, I am fairly concerned with her food intake. Volume, balance, nutrition, and a the careful development of a discriminating palate are all things I worry about each day. Many days, she eats very, very little, and I become worried that she’s starving to death, that it’s all my fault, and that her brain is shriveling up like the raisins that she eats too many of. On other days, she eats so much that I’m worried she will pop, and I compare those days to the lean days and worry even more.

That said, her clothes do seem to be shrinking. Some of the size 2T shirts we bought her a month ago are having a hard time reaching around and over her belly, and we recently replaced her footie pajamas when she couldn’t stand up straight in them any longer. Auntie Trish sent a hip and beautiful dress the day before The Girlie’s appointment with her pediatrician, and I was shocked to see the size 3T fit her to a, well, to a ‘T’. On the drive over to the children’s clinic, I worried that she was some kind of giant, or that we were victims of a scheme by the makers of children’s clothes– I hypothesized that in the same way that women’s clothes are often sized ‘down’ to flatter their consumers, children’s clothes must be sized ‘up’ to feed the egos of competitive parents. I needed answers, and I needed them quickly.

We don’t have a scale around our house, so the last time we weighed our Girlie was on one of those baggage scales at the airport– 26 pounds, with her shoes on (but I don’t trust those scales either…). So I was shocked when she tipped the scale at the clinic at 28 pounds. When our pediatrician came by for his visit, we were barely past the niceties when we pressed him to chart the numbers for height and weight and head circumference. “She’s normal,” he said, though he confessed that she is in the 90th percentile for height and weight.

She’s gonna be looking me in the eye any minute, and I’m not too happy about this. I miss my little Girlie!

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5 Responses to “Our Giant Girlie”

  1. dawnrw says:

    the girlie’s growing, yadda, yadda. what do you MEAN they size women’s clothes down to flatter consumers? seriously, Mike. don’t joke with me here. so I’m not smaller than I was in college (after 3 babies)? you’re saying THE CLOTHES are smaller? i need a beer. or maybe a donut.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Emma was 25th percentile for height until age two; now shes around the high 80s. She was in the 90th percentile for weight until age 18 months, now she’s the 50th. It ALL comes out in the wash, man (only organic milk doesn’t hurt either). :)


  3. Anonymous says:

    p.s. I wish I were 5’2″ and weighed 90 lbs. Dream days…


  4. Ken Tennyson says:

    Our pediatrician told us a while back that toddlers are like snakes, the just need a big meal every couple days and they do just fine. We found this to be relieving for the days when he only pecks at his food…

  5. Julie says:


    My niece has been at the 90th+ percentile for height and weight ever since she was 2 months old. And every time I see her I can’t help think ‘my what a big baby’ and wonder from whom she got the giant genes.

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