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December 28, 2007

I wonder what gets clothes cleaner: a conventional home setup, or a commercial rig? I mean, on the one hand, the average home washing machine seems cleaner– people don’t wash their nasty car mats in them, or use them for unspeakable end-of-the-line cleanups. On the other hand, those huge washers at the laundromat really pound lots of water through the clothes, what with their horizontal axis and high-speed spin.

And yo, what’s up with day laborers? They’re always hanging around the Home Depot and the 7-11, but what about the laundromat? Why don’t they swarm around your car when you’re pulling in, offering to carry your bags or sort your colors or load up the washer? They’d be great surrogates for muscling into an open dryer or a folding table, and a huge help with the mountain of folding. I’m not saying I’d pay a lot, but a little help with the laundry could be nice. But would I feel funny when I read a book while they worked? Would I be able to bite my tongue if they tried to fold the underwear (which is a waste of time, and even more, money), or if they didn’t GAP-fold the T-shirts, or if they needed some technical advice on the proper loading of a dryer?

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