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Advent Poetry

December 20, 2007

A Tale of Two Moleskines

The old one is full
of lists and hopes and musings
from the ebb and flow of life
yearnings for the way the world ought to be

so long and steady a companion
that its very essence–
its curved shape, soft edges,
the way it falls open on my knee
are narcotic

The new one is stiff and crinkly
balky and somehow unfamiliar
daunting in its blankness and naiveté
too luminous

In the middle of this in-between
this Advent, this waiting
I feel pulled between them
I need to throw the old one out
(or at least put it away)
to let go
of disappointments, heartbreaks, losses
to keep learning, growing, searching
to let my confounding, confrontive Teacher
keep the agenda fresh, the growth raw

Still, I’ll copy over some of the stuff
keep some candles burning for my old loves and losses
to honor the things that have already happened
and to remember the things that haven’t, yet.

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