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Turnabout, and All of That

November 7, 2007

Our little Girlie has returned the favor for all of the colds and sicknesses we’ve shared with her in her short life. After smooching with her beau all last week, we all got the same cold on the same day. So everyone is taking turns helping to wipe the nose of the other, and we’re muddling through, best we can. Now on Day 3, we appear to be turning the corner toward health and vitality.

How congested was I yesterday? I was painting a ceiling with Kilz, and hardly even smelled that potent stuff. How congested was The Girlie? She slept a grand total of 34 1/2 minutes during the day yesterday. How tough is The Wife? She dealt with a very clingy and grumpy kid all day, and still put some great food on the table for lunch and dinner. She did the dishes, too, which I find almost impossible to do during even a normal day.

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